Slow Cooker Healthy Butter Chicken

A lot of people are investing their money into good slow cookers these days. Who doesn’t love the idea of throwing in some food, leaving it to cook for hours, and coming back to a hot cooked meal at the end of the day? 


Though most of the time I do make food traditionally cooked, I still take advantage of my slow cooker when I just don’t have time. 

For example, we’ve been packing and moving our stuff for the past week. We’re doing a huge move (more on that in a few days), and that means little time for cooking. So…I tweaked some recipes to create a slow cooker comfort food.



Slow Cooker Butter Chicken. No, wait..Slow Cooker Healthy Butter Chicken. That’s right. This recipe is a keeper. It’s super quick and super simple, and most likely you’ll have the ingredients on hand. 
You can find the recipe on my friend’s food blog, where I did a guest post and shared the full recipe! Check it out here.  butterchicken3

Stay tuned for my upcoming Eid post!

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