Bang Bang Shrimp

I made these amazing bang bang shrimp recipes for a quick and easy appetizer a few days ago.  They were so delicious, crunchy, well seasoned, and the magic sauce is to die-for.

This is a recipe that you must try at least once in your lifetime. I originally heard about this recipe in a food group I’m a part of. I came to know that it’s actually a pretty popular recipe at many chain restaurants (majority of which we do not have here in Oklahoma City).

bang bang shrimp

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Mango Panna Cotta

Eid, as you may know, marks the end of a month of worship, fasting, and voluntary good deeds. Eid is a celebration when people of all races and nations unite in joy and peace. It’s a day, as you probably have seen in my previous blog posts, where many like to celebrate by making fancy dishes and desserts. Last Eid, I made some cardamom shortbread cookies, and before that, I’ve made my incredibly stunning baklava cheesecake. This year, I made some mango panna cotta.

In honor of a very hot Eid in the middle of Summer, I decided my Eid dessert should be something light, fruity, and cold. That could have easily been some frozen fruit popsicles, but I wanted something a little more sophisticated than that, if you know what I mean.

mango panna cotta 1

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Chicken Kabsa : Spiced Chicken Rice

I’m a big fan of chicken and rice dishes: it’s easy, it’s loved by everyone, it’s fulfilling, and it’s so versatile. Best of all, chicken and rice are two ingredients that we almost always have in our kitchens. This chicken kabsa: spiced chicken rice dish that I will share with you is a special meal that I love making during Ramadan nights.

chicken kabsa 4

Kabsa is a traditional Saudi dish that consists of meat that cooks with spices, broth infused with turmeric and Baharat spices, and rice that has a delicious tomato and onion base. Everything in this dish comes together fairly quickly and it makes a lot- this is a dish to have with family gathered together to break the fast.

chicken kabsa 3

Basically, you make a broth with the chicken (or any other type of meat) and spices. The broth is saved for cooking the rice, and the meat is shredded. The rice is cooked with tomatoes, onions, more spices (and lots of turmeric!), and the flavored broth. To serve, I love putting the fluffy spice-infused rice onto a large platter, topping it with shredded meat, chopped cilantro leaves, and fried raisins and sliced almonds.

The flavors are amazing in this dish: nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, cardamom, paprika, and my favorite: turmeric. Both the broth and the rice have turmeric added. The result is a golden rice dish that’s absolutely delicious with the hints of sweetness from the raisin and the subtle flavors of all the nutty, smoky spices.

chicken kabsa 1

For the full recipe, please check out my guest post over at my talented blogger friend’s site, Kitchen Flavours.

DIY Ramadan Lantern

It’s the middle of Ramadan, and time is flying by way too fast! Before you know it, Eid (the celebration that marks the end or completion of Ramadan) will be here with the sight of the new crescent moon.

diy ramadan lantern-title

I never really got to do much of my Ramadan decor as I wanted because of so much traveling, graduations in the family, and overall busy mom-life. I know, lame excuses. I normally love doing a lot of DIY projects, canvases, etc. that have a certain theme.

This year, as many of you must have seen, I stuck to ready made items that could easily be brought home and stuck onto a bookshelf or fireplace. You can take a look at that here.  It’s just really simple that way, to be honest. Yet something was missing…I needed to have at least one crafty project as part of my setup. So I made this adorable DIY Ramadan lantern that I’ve been meaning to make for quite some time.

diy ramadan lantern 3

I originally got the idea from some Christmas lanterns, and thought to myself, “why can’t I muslim-ify this?”. And that’s exactly what I did…without talking too much, I’ll just let you scroll down to see the details of how to make one yourself!


DIY Ramadan Lanterns


Materials Needed

*Smooth glass jar (found at dollar stores or craft stores)

*Oil-based paint marker in Black (craft stores)


*Printed (black) image of whatever you like (silhouettes, shapes, writing, etc.)


*Gold spray paint



  1. Print out your images, making sure they are large enough to look nice on the glass jar.
  2. Spray paint the glass jar, making an ombre effect by spraying more layers on top and less on bottom (so that it’s more transparent). Let the jar dry for an hour or two.
  3. Cut out your shapes, it doesn’t have to be exact. You’ll be taping this on the inside of the jar, wherever you want your design to go.
  4. Using the marker, trace the shapes and fill them in. Allow a few minutes for the marker to dry.
  5. Place a candle inside the jar, and that’s it!

*Notes- I found the masjid silhouette through Google images. But if you have a steady hand, you can actually freehand and draw this yourself (which i managed to do for some portions of this jar).

I also bought the wrong type of gold spray paint-*blush* it was a “marbelizing” type, hence the textured pattern on my jars. Normal gold spray paint should be smooth. I actually liked the marbelizing effect a lot, so I kept it.

Additionally, I used a soy wax candle that I made at home, to avoid the toxins, lead, and artificial fragrances that normal store-bought candles contain.

If you have any more questions, please comment below, I’d love to answer them!

diy ramadan lantern 2

*lantern view from back*

Raw Vegan Date Balls + Welcome Ramadan!

Raw vegan date balls

I’m so excited that Ramdan 2016 is here! In honor of welcoming this blessed month, I made some delicious raw vegan date balls. If you don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s a month of observing fast and worship, along with controlling one’s self from excess, indulgence, and wastefulness. It’s like putting one’s body, mind, and soul through a physical and spiritual bootcamp.

date balls


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