Healthy Ramadan Recipes

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled my healthy recipes for easy access.
Try a green smoothie to cleanse and detox, with my Green Smoothie recipe. 

Fuel your day with this Nutty Cinnamon Oatmeal infused with warm spices, recipe here.

Here’s an oldie but goodie..super easy Egg Muffins, recipe link here.

For a quick and easy snack during midnight cravings, whip up a batch of hummus, recipe here. 

Make a big pot of Morroccan Harira to break your fast with, click here for recipe.


Instead of frying these, try the baked version of my Baked Falafel, recipe here. Cute for an apetizer or make them bigger for vegetarian burgers!



For a quick filling breakfast drink, try this Almond Date Shake.


Also, a fellow blogger just published this piece on living a holistic and green Ramadan. Check it out! 


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