DIY: Breakfast Tablescape

Good morning dear readers! I am attempting to keep up a cheerful attitude, but knowing that I am currently at school and beginning a new quarter is not too cheerful. However, this should not stop anyone from enjoying life or whatever it is they enjoy, because it’s these little things that count.
For me, just going through pictures from a recent surprise brunch for my best friend was what cheered me up. Hopefully, it will get you away from those Monday blues as well.
My best friend W recently got married, and before she left, my sister and I threw her a surprise brunch. She loved it and enjoyed the food- as did everyone else!
So I figured I’d share with you some pictures to get some ideas of how to create a breakfast/brunch table.
Berry and custard parfait cups. Note the background: a donut cake! Just purchase a dozen assorted donuts, stack on some tissue paper and a cake stand.

Bright colored juices appeal to the eye- I poured fresh orange juice.



I wanted to keep things mini, to make the menu items look cute! So after making French toast like normal, I cut the bread slices into triangles, poured some syrup into shot glasses, and stuck the French toast slice in.
We also mini cinnamon rolls. These were super easy, using pre-made crescent dough, mixing some cinnamon and sugar, and melted butter together. I baked them in mini-muffin pans to ensure the tiny shapes.



I tried out quiche for the first time! I did not make a bottom crust, but I did add spinach and tomatoes to the egg mixture and baked them in pre-greased cupcake trays.


Here is an image of the entire tablescape. We used white porcelain dishes, mini items, and some baskets to add a cute touch.


These berry custard parfait cups looked adorable and colorful! Best of all, they were super easy to make: vanilla custard, strawberry jello, berries, and whipped cream!


 To keep things a little savory, my sister Rania made spinach pastry pie, also called spanakopita.
We cut these into bite-sized pieces as well.
That’s it! If you would like recipes for any of the dishes pictured, please leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!
Your Fellow Baker,



  1. Saba says:

    i want a surprise brunch before i get married 🙁 whenever that will be lol
    also i need those parfaits in my life.. or anything with different layers and fruit really

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