Chicken Kabsa : Spiced Chicken Rice

I’m a big fan of chicken and rice dishes: it’s easy, it’s loved by everyone, it’s fulfilling, and it’s so versatile. Best of all, chicken and rice are two ingredients that we almost always have in our kitchens. This chicken kabsa: spiced chicken rice dish that I will share with you is a special meal that I love making during Ramadan nights.

chicken kabsa 4

Kabsa is a traditional Saudi dish that consists of meat that cooks with spices, broth infused with turmeric and Baharat spices, and rice that has a delicious tomato and onion base. Everything in this dish comes together fairly quickly and it makes a lot- this is a dish to have with family gathered together to break the fast.

chicken kabsa 3

Basically, you make a broth with the chicken (or any other type of meat) and spices. The broth is saved for cooking the rice, and the meat is shredded. The rice is cooked with tomatoes, onions, more spices (and lots of turmeric!), and the flavored broth. To serve, I love putting the fluffy spice-infused rice onto a large platter, topping it with shredded meat, chopped cilantro leaves, and fried raisins and sliced almonds.

The flavors are amazing in this dish: nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, cardamom, paprika, and my favorite: turmeric. Both the broth and the rice have turmeric added. The result is a golden rice dish that’s absolutely delicious with the hints of sweetness from the raisin and the subtle flavors of all the nutty, smoky spices.

chicken kabsa 1

For the full recipe, please check out my guest post over at my talented blogger friend’s site, Kitchen Flavours.

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