About Me


Assalamu Alaykum & Hello!

Welcome to my humble little food blog.

I absolutely love trying new recipes, making good food and desserts, and pretty much anything related to food.

I’m a mom to two  beautiful children, wife to an awesome husband, a culinary fanatic and natural lifestyle enthusiast. My world is full of laughter, tumbles, fresh air, great cooking, cuddles and fun.


I adopted a wholesome, holistic lifestyle when I got married in 2013, so while I do post some pretty devious (aka unhealthy) recipes, for the most part I buy clean, organic, fresh produce and minimize any toxic chemicals in my home. I love living this natural and clean lifestyle and wouldn’t trade it for anything. In our home, we thrive by nourishing our mind and body with all things natural. We like to follow an 80/20 lifestyle and accomplish this by cooking clean a majority of the time and having little treats here and there.

As I journey longer into motherhood, there is so much information I come across that sometimes it is hard to know what to believe. My goals to have a toxin free home and to nourish holistically always lead me to question mainstream advice. I plan to share all my crunchy tips that have worked for us here as well.


I started this blog back in 2005, when I first got into cooking. Now, I’m expanding on it. You’ll be seeing lots of new recipes, baby foods, tips on healthier lifestyle, and more.

Thanks for stopping by!